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About Us

Big Kahuna Imagineering collaborates with entertainment, cultural, sport and corporate clients around the world to translate fantastic creative ideas onto the ground.

Using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Manufacturing, Entertainment and Animatronics,
Big Kahuna Imagineering designs and engineers complete solutions and has a proud reputation of bringing extraordinary ideas to fruition.

Creative directors, brands, major retailers, interior designers, themed attractions, the event industry and TV/film studios, are just some of the clients who engage us to bring their ideas to life.

You Imagine…We imagineer.

What We Do

The term “Imagineering” describes what Big Kahuna does – it engineers  imaginations.

Big Kahuna Imagineering generates unique ideas with our creative partners and then brings these imaginative ideas to fruition. Through practical and unique resolutions, we deliver bespoke 3D products and FX for a myriad of end uses in the event, marketing, film and television, advertising and arts industries.   Our clients are varied, however, all are focused on making a superior choice for their custom fabrications.

You Imagine…We Imagineer

    • Immersive branded experiences
    • Branded POS and feature product displays
    • Roadshow asset production
    • Branded vehicle modifcations
    • Experiential event concepts
    • Sampling campaign mechanisms/assets
    • Exhibition stand features
    • Branded in-store displays
    • Branded pop up displays
    • 3D logo production
    • 3D signage


    • Proximity activated logic control
    • Reactive automated logic control
    • Human powered machine displays
    • Mechanical Amusements - Adrenalin generators!
    • 3D simulation interfacing (Oculus Rift, AR, Show control etc)
    • Remote control devices


    • Concept development
    • Pattern making
    • Mould making
    • Laminating and Casting
    • Freehand sculpture
    • Machining
    • CAD/CAM
    • Installation and implementation
    • Production services for artists
    • Engineered public installations
    • Logistics


    • TVC and Film
    • Events and festivals
    • Theatre and stage show effects
    • Integration with show control
    • Radio controlled/remote telemetry
    • Miniatures
    • Prosthetics
    • In camera visual effects
    • Hand and stunt props
    • Lighting and rig effects
    • Animals and Creatures
    • Puppetry


    • Super scale visual impact models
    • Scale replicas (both large and small)
    • High fidelity models for TVC/Film/Print
    • Product Prototyping
    • Medical Prototyping
    • Creatures and character suits


How We Do It


Our mission is to collaborate creatively with our clients from initial project conception.  By listening carefully to our clients’ briefs and creative direction, we plan, prove, and perfect fabrications.   We assert our passion for applied industrial imagination.  As we conceive design and engineer our clients’ work in-house, there is better communication that delivers better products and eliminates further mark-ups from outsourcing.
We are a “turn-key” solution provider.  We are not being afraid to take on never-been-done-before projects and we won’t compromise on quality to stay in our comfort zone.

What sets Big Kahuna apart is our extra-ordinary attention to detail, our ability to find unique solutions and inject true invention as required.

We are original. We invent. We test. We deliver.

Big Kahuna’s extensive ‘in-house’ production facilities can accommodate the fabrication of a range of projects.
We work with an extremely broad range of materials and production methods utilising modern and classical technical effects solutions.

The range of creative techniques we use is in-line with the diverse requirements of our clients.


Our Work

  • All
  • Art & Installations
  • Mechanical Interactives
  • Set Pieces / SPFX
  • Brand Assets
  • Art & Installations
  • Large Scale Props and Models
  • Super-Sized models
  • SPFX / Animatronics


Big Kahuna Imagineering was founded by Will Colhoun in 2000.

Having come from backgrounds in Design, SPFX, TV & Film, Industrial Design, Advertising and Events, members of the Big Kahuna team have decades of combined experience all round Creative FX solutions.

Will and his team consistently strive for excellence in delivering the most astounding physical incarnations of creative concepts seen in both Australia and overseas.

You Imagine…We Imagineer.


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