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About Us

Big Kahuna Imagineering is an experienced creative services provider to the Advertising, Marketing, Media, Art & Entertainment Industries.

We collaborate with cutting edge creative directors and production specialists, from agencies and brands direct, government and private enterprise, to translate fantastic creative ideas onto the ground.

With over 15 years design/build and SPFX experience, Big Kahuna Imagineering is proud of its reputation as the company known to deliver builds, extraordinary by nature and quality.  Our work has enabled our clients to attract and engage audiences at immersive levels.  Our creative partners trust Big Kahuna to realise their ideas with both modern and classical technical effects solutions across a range of platforms.

Big Kahuna takes on the difficult challenges and imagineers complete solutions.  You imagine… We imagineer.







What We Do

The term “Imagineering” describes what Big Kahuna does – it engineers  imaginations.

Through practical and unique solutions, Big Kahuna Imagineering works to bring the imaginations of creatives in the event, marketing, film and television, advertising and arts industries to fruition.  We deliver bespoke 3D solutions and unique products for a myriad of end uses.  Our clients are industry leaders focused on making a superior choice for their custom fabrications.

Where will you see our work? On TV, In Film, At Events, Festivals, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, PR Launches, At the Theatre, In Art Galleries, Retail Spaces,  Museums and Public Spaces.

You Imagine…We Imagineer

    • Immersive branded experiences
    • Branded POS and feature product displays
    • Roadshow asset production
    • Branded vehicle modifcations
    • Experiential event concepts
    • Sampling campaign mechanisms/assets
    • Exhibition stand features
    • Branded in-store displays
    • Branded pop up displays
    • 3D logo production
    • 3D signage


    • Proximity activated logic control
    • Reactive automated logic control
    • Human powered machine displays
    • Mechanical Amusements - Adrenalin generators!
    • 3D simulation interfacing (Oculus Rift, AR, Show control etc)
    • Remote control devices


    • Concept development
    • Pattern making
    • Mould making
    • Laminating and Casting
    • Freehand sculpture
    • Machining
    • CAD/CAM
    • Installation and implementation
    • Production services for artists
    • Engineered public installations
    • Logistics


    • TVC and Film
    • Events and festivals
    • Theatre and stage show effects
    • Integration with show control
    • Radio controlled/remote telemetry
    • Miniatures
    • Prosthetics
    • In camera visual effects
    • Hand and stunt props
    • Lighting and rig effects
    • Animals and Creatures
    • Puppetry


    • Super scale visual impact models
    • Scale replicas (both large and small)
    • High fidelity models for TVC/Film/Print
    • Product Prototyping
    • Medical Prototyping
    • Creatures and character suits


How We Do It


Our mission is to collaborate creatively with our clients from initial project conception.  By listening carefully to our clients’ briefs and creative direction, we plan, prove, and perfect fabrications.   We assert our passion for applied industrial imagination.  As we conceive design and engineer our clients’ work in-house, there is better communication that delivers better products and eliminates further mark-ups from outsourcing.
We are a “turn-key” solution provider.  We are not being afraid to take on never-been-done-before projects and we won’t compromise on quality to stay in our comfort zone.

What sets Big Kahuna apart is our extra-ordinary attention to detail, our ability to find unique solutions and inject true invention as required.

We are original. We invent. We test. We deliver.

Big Kahuna’s extensive ‘in-house’ production facilities can accommodate the fabrication of a range of projects.
We work with an extremely broad range of materials and production methods utilising modern and classical technical effects solutions.

The range of creative techniques we use is in-line with the diverse requirements of our clients.


Our Work

  • All
  • Art & Installations
  • Art & Installations
  • Brand Assets
  • Large Scale Props and Models
  • Mechanical Interactives
  • Set Pieces / SPFX
  • SPFX / Animatronics
  • Super-Sized models


  • Play Communication has built an excellent relationship with Big Kahuna Imagineering over the last few years.  The highly skilled and imaginative team at Big Kahuna has proven to be an asset in the creative realisation of numerous devices and sets for our experiential marketing campaigns.

    A demonstrated ability of BKI to fulfill project deliverables from the initial concept stage through to installation and service is impressive both from the creative as well as the commercial perspective.  Their collective wealth of knowledge, artistic integrity and no-fear attitude when it comes to fast turn-around, innovative and never-been-done before briefs is refreshing.

    Simon Horauf, Managing Partner, Play Communication

  • oOh!media have worked together with Big Kahuna to develop and produce creative solutions for major experiential campaigns.

    Their professional and detailed approach to client service, creative development and production is evident in the final execution.  They are one of the rare suppliers whose end result is as good, if not better than the concept.

    We continue to engage them for future campaigns as we know we can rely on them for timely delivery, excellent service, creative solutions and quality production.

    Hannah Murphy, Campaign Manager, Ooh Media

  • When big thinking meets passion, dedication and expertise you get a project like the Hondatrope. A well engineered, ergonomically optimal interactive spinning cup device.

    From design through to execution, BKI developed a highly engaging device that exceeded our expectations from the tight schedule through to the very stringent safety provisos. BKI delivered on the brief in bringing Honda’s brand to life with “The Power of Clever Thinking”.

    Will and the team at BKI have again proven to be a reliable turnkey provider, capable or taking the largest and loosest of ideas, adding their respected and valuable input, informed design decisions and the many well considered ergonomic considerations, to successfully engineer a project that comes to life flawlessly in the real world environment. Delivering joy to our audience through an authentic brand activation.

    Jarryd Zankovic, Art Director, PLAY Communications

  • Will and his team were contracted to fabricate two spectacular and complicated pieces for the Asian Games held in Doha in 2006.
    I would like to emphasise the balance for between our high end computer graphic conceptual and the finished product which at times can be a let down.  This was the greatest achievement in our project highlighted by the Big Kahuna team’s ability and in the Emir of Qatar’s words “Exceed his most sanguine expectations”

    I do not provide my endorsement lightly or without on road and contemporary experience.  The depth of experience in custom fabricating  and technical breadth of BKI was evident whilst maintaining a financial boundary that made the result possible.

    I have no hesitation recommending him.  Our production is very pleased with the spectacular effort and finish that has gone into our project.

    Jeremy Sparks, Construction Supervisor
    Doha 2006 Asian Games – Ceremonies


  • Will Colhoun and I have worked together on various film and TV projects over the last Thirteen years.

    For the last five years I have been designing for Shine Australia, this year I was asked to Production Design THE VOICE Australia. The Design Stars of The Voice are the Iconic Red Rotating chairs, I immediately went straight to Will at BKI with this Challenge.

    I was very Impressed with Will and his team, all around the world these Chairs have been problematic, BKI were able improve the Design of these chairs in their Form and in their Function.  The Chairs have worked flawlessly and look Fantastic.

    Will has a great ability to work with Designers, he understands the brief from the beginning and will always come up with intelligent ways to improve or enhance the design.

    Will has a vast Knowledge of construction and engineering; this enables him to achieve an excellent standard of workmanship and to meet impossible deadlines, on Budget. He has an honest and professional work manner, which makes BKI a reassuring company to work with.

    Christopher Batson, Production Designer/Art Director

  • We have had a long standing business relationship with Big Kahuna Imagineering over at least 10 years.  They have a very skilled and talented team of employees who are extremely creative and seemingly do not hesitate to take on a challenge that many other would walk away from – that sums up their can do attitude.

    We have worked closely with their team on many projects and campaigns over the years and have found them a very easy and professional company to work with.  I would not hesitate in recommending them and one of the BEST in the field.

    Colin Gibson, Managing Director, Warringah Plastics

  • Right from the initial development of the concept of our insurance happiness character (Doris the Duck and her ducklings)…to her successfully landing on our doorstep, I have been delighted  with the high standard of excellent work of Will and the team at Big Kahuna.  They professionally managed our expectations during the total process and were very flexible in providing solutions to any of our requests that arose along the way.  Their proactive commitment to our business ensured that Doris had a very smooth entry into our world.  Since her introduction, Doris has been overwhelmingly embraced by our colleagues and our customers.

    Many thanks to all of the team at Big Kahuna for the outstanding service you have provided to us.

    Terry Jones, Marketing and Communications Manager, St Andrew’s Australia


Big Kahuna Imagineering was founded by Will Colhoun in 2000.

Having come from backgrounds in Design, SPFX, TV & Film, Industrial Design, Advertising and Events, members of the Big Kahuna team have decades of combined experience all round Creative FX solutions.

Will and his team consistently strive for excellence in delivering the most astounding physical incarnations of creative concepts seen in both Australia and overseas.

You Imagine…We Imagineer.


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